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Services and Support
Career Services

Goldfields Institute of Technology prepares you for employment in the Australian workforce. If you are unsure of what to study please come and see one of our friendly and experienced lecturers who can discuss your study options and work out a plan that is right for you.

Student Support Services

Goldfields Institute of Technology offers a variety of support for students with learning barriers to allow them to participate across a wide range of vocational education and training programs. The support available depends on the course you are taking and how it is delivered. Please come and speak with our Client Services officers before enrolling to discuss what is available. Assistance may include:

  • Study assistance, such as note-takers, additional study materials, and lecture materials in alternative formats
  • One-on-one academic support through a mentoring initiative
  • Alternative arrangements for examinations
  • Information on disclosing a disability
  • Parking assistance

 If you wish to make an appointment to discuss your options, please phone 1800 465 334 or talk to your lecturer for a referral.

Literacy and Numeracy

Spoken and Written English and General Education Certificates are available to support students of all ages and cultural backgrounds who want to improve their reading, writing, speaking, maths and general education. For further information please phone 1800 465 334, pop in to see Client Services or discuss with your lecturer.